Key Shortcut for Block Indenting in Eclipse

18 Nov 2004

I have one last thing to add here for Eclipse as I'm pretty much done configuring it on my new workstation. Here is how you can setup block indenting in Eclipse (being able to highlight a group of text, and shifting it to the left or right):

  • Click on Window, then Preferences
  • In the "Preferences" dialog box which pops-up, traverse down the tree on the left to Workbench > Keys
  • Click on the Modify Tab
  • Towards the bottom, change the "When" pulldown to "Editing Text"
  • Under the "Command" heading in the "Category" pull down, select "Edit"
  • Under the "Command" heading in the "Name" pull down, select "Shift Left"
  • Under the "Key Sequence" heading in the "Name" pull down, enter the key combination in this box which you'd like to use to perform the action of moving a block of text to the left. I used Ctrl+Alt+[
  • Repeat this process only using "Shift Right" for the Name pull down under "Command", with a matching key sequent to use for the action
  • Click "OK" to finish