ColdFusion 4.5-5.0 Certified Developer Listings

17 Nov 2006

I was curious to see if I could still find the old listings of ColdFusion Certified Developers from the original 4.5-5.0 test period. After looking around the dark, dust covered areas of the Adobe site and thumbing through some URL's one ID at a time, I finally found the page where they are grouped by the first letter of your last name. Unfortunately the URL mapping is a bit incorrect, so you will need to copy and paste the links and reformat them to get them to work.

Basically all of the URL's in that page look something like: [code] [/code]

Change it to this if you'd like to view a particular page (just prepend v1/ to Handlers): [code] [/code]

Maybe Sean will see this post and can relay this bug back to his old web team at Adobe. :) Though honestly it's such an old part of the site that it probably doesn't even get visitors now-- it did take me awhile to /intentionally/ find it after all.

As for me, I passed the 4.5 test which was then upgraded to include 5.0, and haven't really found a need to do it again since then. Just for reference, I started poking around CF at my first web programming job during the middle of the upgrade to ColdFusion 3.0/3.1, though I know many of the big names out there have been using it since 1.5.