Dell Inspiron E1505 Review

01 May 2006

I recently opted to wait on switching to OSX for one more buying cycle for a variety of reasons and purchased a Dell Inspiron E1505. I'm really happy with my decision, and I'm actually quite surprised how much I use it. In fact, the only thing I even use my desktop at home now is for playing music. The ergonomics of a laptop scared me quite a bit as I'm used to using MS Natural Keyboards, but now I'm totally used to the keyboard. I did however give-up on the touch pad because of the loss in productivity and bought yet another Perfit Optical Mouse to use with my laptop.

The battery life is really quite good-- my laptop lasts a bit over 6 hours per charge even while using wireless networking, and I have two batteries so I cant really even envision a situation where I'd be using it for more than 12 hours without a power outlet. Granted I did buy the extra life batteries, so I'd expect them to be decent. Windows XP Media Center 2005 seems to be pretty slick and I can't say I have any qualms about it versus having Windows XP Pro. Though honestly I have yet to try out any of the extra media hooha (more on that below).

The build quality and fit & feel of the laptop is about average I guess, but I also bought a midrange laptop, so I think it's perfectly acceptable for the price I paid. I wasn't really sure how much I'd use a laptop so I didn't want to go all crazy, but perhaps next time I'll be willing to spend a bit more.

About the only thing that I really don't like about this laptop is that the TV Tuner card came as a seperate box! I just assumed that stuff would be built into the laptop. Because of that, I haven't even taken the TV Tuner out of the plastic bag to even try it out. The latch which holds the screen shut also seems kind of cheesy.. if I traveled a lot with this machine I think I'd probably find a way to break it.

Overall I think I got a great deal, and am really pretty pleased with the laptop at this point.