Reflections On The Google Interview Experience

25 Jan 2007

While I did once interview with Google and didn't make it very far, my friend Rod actually got invited to the Googleplex to interview but ultimately was not offered a job. However, that wasn't the end of the saga. In fact I just re-read his original post about his visit there and noticed that Chris DiBona stopped by to comment-- cool!

Strangely enough I've been recruited by them several times since the aforementioned blog post and honestly I wasn't the most responsive to their queries. I feel like I still have some more experience in implementing algorithms to do and I felt it was a waste of both of our time to go through another interview process until that's happened.

It's actually been awhile since I've heard from them at this point, so perhaps I have finally been blacklisted. I keep reading about how they are always changing their recruiting tactics, so who knows. :)