Can't Login To Newegg in Firefox? Here's How To Fix It...

18 Feb 2008

It seems like for at least a couple of years now, I've had problems when trying to login to with Firefox. Across different installs of Firefox, on Windows, OS X, and Linux, etc.. no matter what I tried, Firefox just didn't work at all. Today after my typical google search session, I did find a couple of solutions which took quite awhile to track down. If you're having problems logging into to Newegg, give these a try:

Easy Solution

In the address bar of Firefox, type:


Search or scroll down to the section called network.http.sendRefererHeader and change this value to 1.

For some reason, this was set to 2 on my machine.

Annoying Solution

Something is probably corrupt in your Firefox profile. Given that you're the type of person who shops at newegg, AND uses firefox, you can probably figure out how to create a new profile on your own.

Anyhow, give those a try and see if they work. It's nice to be able to shop on Newegg again with Firefox!